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Apprenticeships at Neil's Steels

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Connie Green
Hear from current Apprentices and find out about our program.

As one of the leading steel fabricators in the South East for over 30 years, we know a thing or two about the steel industry. We are passionate about educating and inspiring the next generation of Welders and Fabricators by encouraging young people to get involved in an Apprenticeship, setting them up in a trade for life. 

All industries in the UK, especially those that involve trade skills, rely on young people to learn those skills to continue on the legacy left by those before. We think it's extremely important to encourage young people to explore these opportunities and what better way than to enrol in an Apprenticeship that gives them both classroom based and practical learning. 

There are several apprenticeship opportunities provided by colleges in and around the area, with courses such as Welding and Metal Fabrication, on offer. 

Skills learnt with us include all aspects of working in a steel fabrication workshop such as reading technical drawings, cutting and welding steels, using equipment such as the bandsaw and press brake as well as supervised forklift training. 

Apprenticeship Case Studies


Stanley came to us in September 2022 after enrolling in an NVQ level 2 Welding and Fabrication course at Crawley College following his completion of secondary school. During the week, he spends four days at Neil’s Steels and one day at college for classroom based learning. Over the course of his apprenticeship so far, Stanley has learnt invaluable skills whilst being guided by our experts and will complete his course in 2024.

''I enjoy learning in the classroom then applying those skills in the workshop. I'm constantly picking up new things from the people I work with and I earn a decent wage for someone my age.''


Alex is an excellent example of someone choosing to enrol in an apprenticeship following a different career path. Whilst working in an office based role in the construction industry, he decided he wanted to do something more practical and hands on. After discovering an NVQ Level 2 course in Welding and Fabrication, he enrolled at Crawley College in September 2021. Since then, he has become an integral part of the team at our Portslade site, even becoming our resident CNC plasma cutting expert!

''It's never too late to learn a new skill, two years ago I made the decision to change my career path and now here I am finishing my apprenticeship as a qualified Welder and Fabricator.''

If you would like more information regarding our apprenticeship program and how you can get involved, please email us via or give us a call on 01273 882323.

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