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Structural Steel

Neil’s Steel has firmly established itself as one of the leading suppliers of a wide range of structural steel to constructors and erectors in London and the South East.

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Quality & Experience

We pride ourselves on our reputation that comes from providing quality structural steel complying with CE certification. Whether you’re a contractor, architect, engineer or just looking to create more space, we are able to help.We can provide steel for a variety of industries and uses including industrial, commercial, storage, warehouse, agricultural, workshops, machinery storage, garages and more. No matter the size, we are able to craft the steel for any building.

Structural Steel Joints

Autodesk advance steel enables us to take on the most intricate designs of joints. It’s simple to use and flawless modelling helps us to create a dialogue with you by sending you simple to read designs. We know that working with you in this process helps to ensure the smooth manufacture and installation of your steel at the right price. Design rarely works in a straight line; we know that from experience. The manipulation of steel is a delicate process and all starts with design. We are able to craft and create complex curves for some of the more elaborate structures as we know that not all builds are ‘straight forward’.

Committed Design Service

We can help with all aspects of your design for any structural steel project, from initial concept advice to full calculated drawings. A precise yet flexible approach means we are able to work on any project. Our designers will calculate the best options for your structure and our welders and manufacturers will craft the compliant joints and connections. This ensures we can deliver an accurate and time-effective service and work on complex projects involving calculated curves and custom shapes that require advanced design and fabrication skills. Our in-house CAD system and team of experienced engineers are on hand to bring your ideas to life.

Steel Beam Production

We manufacture quality steel beams and structures for customers across the South East, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey & London. There is also the option for Nationwide delivery, just ask a member of our team. We provide steel beams in a range of profiles to fit your project needs.

The most common steel beams:

Universal Beam

Universal Beam - One of the most common beams in the industry, a ‘UB’ as they are known, are comprised of two flat horizontal flanges at the top and bottom joined by a vertical support called the web. Their defining feature is a web that is longer than the flange is wide, giving it a rectangular cross section.

Universal Column

Another extremely common beam is the ‘UC’. These are very similar to the universal beam in shape but the height of the web is the same as the width of the flanges, giving it a square cross section

Parallel Flange Channel

Otherwise known as C channels due to their square ‘C’ cross-sections, these beams have two flanges which sit parallel to each other, giving them their name.

Hollow Steel Sections

These beams get their name from their tubular shape. They come in various shapes such as square (SHS), rectangular (RHS) and circular (CHS).

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